A Snack For Samuel

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Samuel likes chocolate chips cookies and chicken nuggets but he’s not very fond of tasting other food. Will Samuel participate in this week’s snack commitment? This book is handy for young children who struggle with trying new foods.

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11 reviews for A Snack For Samuel

  1. CheRie

    Young readers will thoroughly enjoy this book as they experience snack time through Samuel’s eyes.

  2. Tonaye Smith

    This book was perfectly designed for little children of all backgrounds to understand and enjoy!

  3. William

    This is the perfect book to help young readers expand their horizon when it comes down to food/snacks. Selections.

  4. Tommie Smith

    Great insite on child developement, loved it.

  5. Sheerie

    Love this book. Quick, easy reading for bedtime. Purchased two for baby gifts!

  6. Shelly

    This book is a must read for parents who are interested in helping their child experience new textures and tastes!

  7. Laura Seminario

    An amazing read for children. The idea of creating commitments with children is fantastic!! Great job!

  8. Tammy

    Enjoyed the book. Great read for story time with the kids

  9. Everett (verified owner)

    With such a hungry son, he loves reading this book! He still likes eating McNuggets though 🙂

  10. Bakari Smith

    Important life lessons, insight on child development, and health tips are all encompassed in this book.

  11. Marlaine Mance

    I LOVE giving these books to pre-readers and young readers. It has become my “go to” gift for birthdays, Christmas and Just Because. Can’t wait for the next one!

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