Paci’s New Home

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It’s time to find Paci the Pacifier a new home but where should Paci go? Join Joshua as he finds the perfect place for his pacifier!

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10 reviews for Paci’s New Home

  1. CheRie

    An excellent resource for parents and an engaging book for young readers!

  2. William

    Children/parents/grandparents doesn’t matter what age one might be. All avid readers will thoroughly enjoy this book!

  3. Hannah

    My little one has been stuck on his pacifier for a while. We’ve been reading this book and now he voluntarily lays it down without me asking for it! By the way, he LOVES the animals at the zoo!!

  4. Briana

    Great book for both children and their parents to engage in and enjoy. Such a great resource to open the minds of young readers and place them on the path to success.


    the visual along with the reading will be helpful for child’s ease in giving up “PACI”

  6. Rhonda Pruitt

    Great book. To help kids with tough decisions.

  7. Sheerie

    We love it, it’s fun, it’s cute, and it’s easy to read!! It’s going to be a classic one day.

  8. Laura Seminario

    My first impression on the title was the boy’s name but to my surprise it was all about the Pacifier!!! Great read, highly recommended!!

  9. Bakari Smith

    This book is beneficial for your child’s development. Absolutely a great read.

  10. Kimberly

    I read this with my 13 month old as we were transitioning off the paci. This book was perfect. We loved the lyrical rhymes!

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